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One of the reasons we enjoy the outdoor bowls season is that we have opportunities to go to the club at any time to play bowls. This may be in league or club organised matches, or in a roll-up, or simply playing and practising with friends or other members.


We feel welcome if the club premises are opened and supervised and the green is prepared for play when we arrive. The last person in the chain that makes this possible is the Duty Steward. It's a vital job, done by the members, each taking a turn in the knowledge that the club relies on them to make a good impression on visitors and members alike.


What being the Steward is all about

  • He is in charge of the club premises and supervises playing sessions.

  • He represents the Club to both members and visitors.

  • He sets the rinks out for play and arranges who plays on which rink.

  • He organises visitors wishing to play, sees they have proper shoes and takes their fees.

  • And he sees that equipment is put away and closes the premises after play.

The Steward's duty

  • All male members are required to act as steward, normally once a month. There are exceptions for those incapacitated by illness or age or with onerous club responsibilities.

  • There are two duty periods each day - Morning Steward 09:00-13:00 and Afternoon Steward 13:30-17:30. There is no steward appointed for afternoons when there is a roll-up or a men's match (members look after themselves) but ladies matches are Stewarded.

  • Stewards' duties are notified monthly on the Roster on the Steward's notice board. Each member must tick his name on the roster to acknowledge he has accepted the allocated duty or he must find a swap/replacement and note it on the Roster. The Roster and updated weekly reminders are also sent to members by email.

  • Members must write the days they are not available on the relevant month’s non-availability list on the Stewards' notice board to avoid being allocated an inconvenient duty. (Note this is a separate list from the non availability to play list.)

Where to look for information

  • Stewards' Manual (on the desk). Contains day-to-day information, including:

  • Steward's Duties Check List (also on the members’ only page here).

  • Use of the green by the public

  • Opening and closing the premises (also on the members’ only page here).

  • Dealing with visitors (including taking fees and ensuring proper footwear).

  • Dealing with membership enquiries.

  • Rink settings for each day (to minimise wear by rink rotation).

  • Green/Rink Diary (on the desk) containing rink bookings and match requirements.

  • Rink Usage Plan (on the wall above the desk) gives the order of rink allocation.

  • Stewards' Message Board (in the Tack Shed).

  • Pusher Usage Notices (on the wall of the Tack Shed when in force).

  • Rainfall readings diary/sheet (in the Tack Shed).

  • Stewards' Notice Board. This has the Stewards' Roster and Non-availability sheets on it.

  • emails contain the monthly Stewards' Roster and weekly reminders/updates.

  • Member's telephone list – useful for swapping duties (on the notice board and on the members’ only page here).

  • Stewards’ Organiser - trains new members and gives individual refreshers as requested.