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2023 Men's Triples Competition Draw (updated 19.05.23) - please click here
2023 Men's Triples Competition Matrix and Tea Rota - please click here
2023 Men's Triples Competition Rules - see below

2023 Men's Triples Competition League Table  Week 2 - please click here

Milford on Sea BC - Men’s Monday Triples League – 2023 Rules


  1. All players and reserves to be drawn from the male membership of the Club.

  2. Teams of 4 players will be formed consisting of one selected Skip/Team Organiser and 3 other players to be drawn at an open meeting.

  3. Each team’s Skip/Team Organiser will be responsible for;

    1. Preparing the weekly ‘triples’ playing rota and ensuring that each member plays, as far as practical, an equal number of games.

    2. Ensuring their team is available to play as scheduled.

    3. Arranging the playing order of his team

    4. The home team - keeps the score card and at the end of the match passing the card to the Competition Organiser signed by himself and the opposing skip.

  4. Should a team not be able to field a full side of three of its own registered players then one reserve player may be used to play in any position. If no reserve player is available the affected team may play with 2 players. In this circumstance, the current B&D rules for playing one member short will be applied.

  5. If a team is unable to field a side to include at least 2 of its own registered players, then its opponents will be awarded 2 points plus 6 shots. NB: If, after the start of the match a player has to drop out (illness/personal circumstances) then the affected team may play with 2 players. In this circumstance, the current B&D rules for playing one member short will be applied.

  6. In the case of matches being abandoned for any reason - after 7 ends have been completed, the score at the point that the match was abandoned will be used as the final result. In the event of a match being abandoned with less than 7 ends having been completed the match will be rescheduled for one of the spare days at the end of the season. If no Monday afternoon spare days are available (to be immediately decided at the time the match was abandoned) the teams will be awarded 1 point each and the match not replayed.

  7. The decision to officially abandon a match will be the joint decision of the Competition Organiser, Captain and Vice Captain (or any one or two of the three, dependent on who is present). In extreme circumstances the decision of the Green Ranger will be final.

  8. Matches will start at 2.00pm. In the event of a team being unable to field their side at that time then 10 minutes grace will be allowed after which they will forfeit the game.

  9. Matches will consist of 18 ends with no trial ends. 1 shot maximum will be scored for each of the first 2 ends.

  10. if due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. personal grounds or illness), a team player becomes no longer available for the remainder of the competition, a Skip/Team Organiser may consider obtaining a permanent team replacement using a player not already registered with another team. This must first be agreed by the Competition Organiser.

Men's Triples Competition 2022: 

The outcome went down to the last bowl of the last match to finish. It was callipers out on the 17th end but the Venerables triumphed over the Warelaners, pushing them down to fourth place.

Congratulations to the Venerables (Rob Perkins, Alan Burn, Peter Richardson and John Paddington) on becoming Champions. Runners-up were Untouchabowls (Tony Styles, David Newman, Malcolm Newman and Stuart Allen) with the Zodiacs (Peter Brett, Bill Wild, Robert Wilcox and Ken Bagguley) coming up on the rails to take third spot.


Thanks to all of the Team Organisers and to everyone who played, for making it another enjoyable competition.

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