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Coaching Sesions

At Milford on Sea Bowls Club our qualified coaches can help you to improve your game.

All you have to do is ask!

Current coaching:


The aim of the Coaching Team at Milford is to ensure that every member can enjoy their bowls at whatever level they wish to attain. 

To that end we provide a 4 week beginners course for those new to the game.  In the following years members can take a refresher course designed for those in their second or third years who would like to further develop their skills.

In addition, depending on resources and interest, the Team can supply such assistance as one to one coaching, video clinics, specific training for match play etc.  There is also a wealth of videos and documentation readily available online or in hard copy, again the Coaching Team will be happy to help.

The Coaching Team is always available for any member who needs assistance, all you have to do is ask!

The Club has a stock of Bowls and Shoes which members may borrow until they have purchased their own which is normally within the first year (especially for shoes!). Bowlswear Direct visit the club once or twice a year giving the opportunity to try and buy shoes and woods as well as other bowls related equipment. We also frequently have second hand bowls, shoes and accessories for sale on this website and the Coaching Team will be happy to advise on suitability.

Additional Information
Laws of the Sport - V4 Image.webp
Guidance for new bowlers bklt.jpg

Copies of both booklets can be obtained from the Coaching Team.

List of Coaches

Club Coaches:

A list of the Club’s Coaches can be found on the Notice Board, but are listed here for your convenience:



COACH BOWLS Level 2 Coaches:

  • Janet Hackwell

COACH BOWLS Level 1 Coaches:

  • Paul Longley

  • Moira Dawson

  • Stuart Allen

EBCS Level 2 Coaches:

  • Judy Spooner


EBCS Level 1 Coaches:

  • Robert Perkins

  • Carole Tearle

  • Kate Wall

Club Stock Bowls
Club Stock of Bowls: 
Club bowls and shoes are available to members and visitors to our Club and members may borrow bowls and/or shoes to play away matches until they have purchased their own, which is expected by the completion of their first year of membership.
For more guidance on loaning our bowls and shoes, please click here.
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