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At Milford on Sea Bowls Club our qualified coaches can help you to improve your game.

All you have to do is ask!



Current coaching sessions:


Members are advised that all of our Coaches will be delighted to be approached by any member or group of members who wish to have specific coaching or a specific discussion on any aspect of the game, no matter how involved or how trivial that aspect may be perceived to be by those concerned.


It should also be noted that there will be regular coaching initiatives taking place during the season. These initiatives could include:


  • A four week Coaching Course for Prospective Members from Open Day

  • A Refresher Course for the development of second and third year members

  • An Improvers Course for the development of third and fourth year members

  • A Bespoke Course for selective players nominated by the Section Captains

  • One to one Coaching from member’s individual requests

  • Building the Head Coaching for ‘back end’ players

  • Performance analysis using Video Clinics


To access the 2021 Coaching Plan please click here

In addition, we offer a range of further information which are recommended to bowlers of all levels. For many of these accessible supporting documentation is attached to give bowlers access to a wealth of information to help improve your game. 

  • Casting the jack and drawing to the jack for ‘front end’ players - for useful guidance click here

  • Choosing new bowls - for useful guidance click here

  • Drawing profiles - For more information on calculating the shoulder of the green and the "Scoring Zone" please click here

  • Purposeful Practice ideas - for useful guidance click here

  • Common hand signals - for useful guidance click here

  • Etiquette during all aspects of a formal game - for useful guidance click here

  • Roles and Responsibilities for team members in a game of bowls - for useful guidance click here

  • Marking for a competitive game of bowls - For additional information access videos here  Please note: The video is for indoor bowling and outdoors we do not set the jack in the same way.

  • Measuring for a competitive game of bowls - For additional information on marking in a match please access the videos here

  • Psychology and tactics of play - For useful information on this aspect of your game we recommend you access sections 2 and 3 of Patrick Hulbert's book, which is available online - click here

  • Self-analysis checklist - for useful guidance click here

  • Understanding the Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Useful Bowls England publications - click here

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Copies of both booklets can be obtained from the Coaching Team.


Club Coaches:

A list of the Club’s Coaches can be found on the Notice Board, but are listed here for your convenience:


Senior Coach: David Hall

Level 2 Coaches:

  • Janet Hackwell

  • Ann Norris

  • Judy Spooner


Level 1 Coaches:

  • Robert Perkins

  • Carole Tearle

  • Kate Wall

  • Merle Youngman

Club Stock of Bowls: 
Club bowls and shoes are available to members and visitors to our Club and members may borrow bowls and/or shoes to play away matches until they have purchased their own, which is expected by the completion of their first year of membership.
For more guidance on loaning our bowls and shoes, please click here.
The Club's current list of stock bowls can be accessed here