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August/September 2020
  1. All players to be drawn from membership of the Club.

  2. Teams of 2 players will be drawn by the organisers. The draw and the weekly schedule of matches will be published to the participating players as soon as possible after the draw is completed. The member of the pair drawn first will be responsible for liaising with other teams to arrange playing dates and times.

  3. Each Team's playing order will be by agreement of the two players. Score cards for the week's matches will be prepared by the organisers and left in a box outside of the pavilion. The Team on the left of the score card will be the Home Team and will be responsible for completing the score card and placing it in the box provided.

  4. All matches will be played under Bowls England and MOSBC Covid19 current regulations with Social Distancing practiced at all times.

  5. If a team is unable to field a side because one or both team members are unavailable on the agreed date and time then its opponents will be awarded 2 points plus 6 shots.

  6. Note: if, after the start of match a player has to drop out (illness/personal circumstance) then the same rule will be applied.

  7. In the case of matches being abandoned for any reason - after 7 ends have been completed, the score at the point that the match was abandoned will be used as the final result. In the event of a match being abandoned with less than 7 ends having been completed the match should be rearranged for as soon as possible and the organisers advised. If no spare rinks are available before the end of the round robin competition (to be immediately decided at the time the match was abandoned) the teams will be awarded 1 point each and the match not replayed.

  8. The decision to officially abandon a match will be the joint decision of the players involved. In extreme circumstances eg. green being unplayable, the decision of the Green Ranger will be final.

  9. Matches will start at 10 minutes past the hour. In the event of a Team being unable to field their side at that time then 10 minutes grace will be allowed after which they will forfeit the game.

  10. Matches will be played for 75 minutes with the final jack being set inside the 75 minute timespan. 1 shot maximum will be scored for each of the first 2 ends. The Home Team skip will be responsible for timekeeping. In the event of a match starting late then the playing time should be reduced by the same amount.

  11. The Team playing first will be determined by the toss of a coin. The Team winning the toss will always place the mat with the Team losing the toss always placing the jacks. After the first end, the position of the jack and mat will be determined by the Team winning the previous end but placed by whichever team is responsible.

  12. The Team winning the match will be awarded 2 points with the losing Team awarded 0 points. In the event of a draw 1 point will be awarded to each team. Shot difference will be used along with total points to determine league positions.

  13. Separate rules will be issued for the final and semi-final playoffs.

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