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Tony STyles.jpg

Henselite Supergrip
Size 4 

Bowls & Carrier FREE
Contact Tony Styles


Brian COurt size 3.jpg

 Henselite Size 3
£15 ono for Club Funds
Please contact Kate Wall

Sterling Slimline 0H Annette_edited.jpg

 Sterling Slimline Size 0H
Please contact Annette Drake

5 Henselite classic size 4 bird GEOFF.jpg

 Henselite Classic
Size 4 - Bird emblem

Price to be negotiated
Please contact Geoff Fall.


Drakes Pride 1H Janet_edited.jpg

 Drakes Pride Professional Size 1H
Stamped 2027 - £40
Please contact Janet Hackwell

Ann Norris Henselite Tigers size 3.jpg

Henselite Tigers Size 2H (set of 4) + Bag - All in good condition
£50 ono
Please contact Ann Norris

Thomas Taylor size 2 Olive.jpg

 Thomas Taylor Size 2
£25 ono
Please contact Olive Maher


Brian Court.jpg

 Sterling Slimline Size 1
£25 ono for Club Funds
Please contact Kate Wall


Sheila Size 1 £45.jpg

Henselite Classic ll 
Size 1H
Date stamped 2024

Please contact Sheila Hall

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